Outdoor stage roof systems

Trussing for DJs

For the modern working Dj, one that’s taking their own rig out for events, the choice of trussing over the more traditional stands and lighting bars is a big one to take, and many have either been put off thinking it’s too much for one person to handle, or that it’s too expensive and not worth bothering with.



Visual Appeal

Trussing looks expensive. It has a natural awe factor to its structure and just looks like it means business. When compared to the average cheap lighting T bar or Dj stand its heft and quality stand out and give off a strong and professional look to your rig.

Custom DJ Truss Stand

It’s as much a statement of your own attitude as it is a functional item. It can be dressed with custom fit fabric sleeving which can then be internally lit to great effect, it can be powdercoated, or be used in its natural state, with all having their own charm.


The trussing systems we manufacture and supply at Stage Concepts use a unique crossbolt mounting design which does away with all the traditional spigots, pegs and pins which take time to fit and are easily lost, and it replaces them with a 4 bolt configuration for an ultra fast build and takedown time coupled with a minimal parts count.

Quad Truss DJ Stand

This custom design also gives our trussing a beautiful seamless appearance to its joins, which is especially useful when dressing the truss with fabric sleeving as is popular for weddings and corporate events.

We of course also offer the traditional fixing design truss for customers wishing to replace or upgrade onto their older existing truss systems.


In comparison to normal lighting bars and Dj stands, trussing gives you huge increases in both stability and weight loading capability, along with a near infinite choice of clamping surface, flat top plate pieces for mounting of moving head lighting fixtures, uprights and horizontals for hanging lighting and effects units, display screen or monitors, or fabric sections for projection display.

Dj Truss Square Truss Arch Stand

Coupled with a large workstation area for the modern Dj tools such as laptop, media controller, and cd players or turntables when required, a full truss setup has everything you need to support all of your equipment in one structure.

Self Investment

The Dj’s that have made the decision to upgrade though have found that a whole new range of work opportunities have arisen, especially from the more lucrative wedding Dj and corporate function circuits, where the aesthetic quality and presentation of your equipment is just as important as your actual performance, and is often a requirement of certain venues.

DJ Wedding Truss Dancefloor

The systems are completely modular, so can take on many shapes and sizes with the addition or removal of certain segments which allows you to cater for the widest selection of venues and lighting requirements.




The professional DJ industry is a competitive market, with companies and individuals all vying for the same jobs. With occasions such as Weddings now offering considerable pay compared to the more common party work, it has never been more important to look as pro level as possible. Stage Concepts can advise you through the best upgrades and products to give your rig the real wow factor that high end customers now look for.



    Our Projects

    From the V&A museum and Saatchi Gallery, to Warner Brothers Studios and Crystal Palace FC, our truss systems and bespoke designed truss constructions have found homes in a wide selection of both public and private events and for a variety of tasks.

    We have also supplied trussing and stage deck systems to the Next and TopShop group, Harley Davidson, Jump Giants Trampoline Park, alongside the many private individuals and trade customers that have purchased everything from a singular stage deck right up to a large festival stage roof system.

    Large circular truss lighting rigs and stage platform systems for film sets, structural truss arches and walkways for exhibitions and shopping centre events, vehicle plinths and truss for showroom displays, truss based obstacle courses, and the supply of full professional sound and lighting packages means Stage Concepts can fulfill your project requirements no matter how large or small they may be.

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