Fixed Trussing Installation

Truss is a versatile tool and lends itself to many areas of the entertainment, public display and architectural worlds amongst its many other uses. Many of these Trussing Installations will require the truss to support heavy loads such as lighting systems so safe and correct truss construction is essential.



Small Trussing Install

For smaller truss systems, installation is often a quick process, such as a simple ‘goalpost’ used for lighting or the display stands and totem style truss columns often seen in shop displays. Smaller exhibition booth packages can be used for permanent fixtures and the trussing itself is often used for creating internal architecture, with the metalwork hidden from sight using sheet materials. We can install any size of truss system for you, no job is too small.


Large Trussing Install

Our professional engineers have experience in a multitude of large and complex trussing system installations, from nightclub lighting rigs, support truss for the flying of sound systems in entertainment venues to the latest jump park ‘ninja warrior’ style climbing courses. Our team have installed truss packages into museums and galleries, in schools and theatres, sporting venues and music venues as well as in both public and private corporate buildings and display areas.


The installation process varies in time duration and the number of required fitters depending on structure size, location, and any modifications to walls or groundwork that may be needed for anchoring of baseplates and supports. Should additional equipment such as staging, lighting or audio systems be being installed then it is often possible to combine several install services into one job for everyone’s convenience.


Truss Systems

The Stage Concepts product specialists will advise you during your initial truss quotation as to the type of truss system that you will need to meet the demands required of it. We have pre-manufactured “off the shelf” trussing from Alustage, Prolyte, Milos and Duratruss which all serve different purposes and come in various designs and loading specifications, and for your more unique or complex designs we have the custom manufactured trussing range from our UK factory, which allows for complete bespoke tailoring of the system to suit your needs.


Trussing Installation Team

SC Projects team of specialist installers and contractors are all experienced in the correct fitting and secure construction of trussing systems, with safety for the user and public being our priority for any fixed installation. Though lightweight in its individual pieces, the physical size and weight of a truss structure requires teamwork and planning for a trouble free installation, with the correct tools and knowledge of that specific truss types joining fixtures being of the utmost importance to ensure stability and torsional rigidity across long truss spans.

Our team are also available for the initial build of any large portable truss system, to show you the correct tools and procedure for construction and dismantling of the structure in order for you to have safe repeatable results.



SC Projects are specialists in the supply and installation of professional Truss. We will advise you of everything necessary for the complete purchase and installation of any portable trussing system or fixed trussing installation, with our friendly and comprehensive quotations giving you all the information and costings up front, avoiding the classic hidden costs of many competitors.



    Our Projects

    From the V&A museum and Saatchi Gallery, to Warner Brothers Studios and Crystal Palace FC, our truss systems and bespoke designed truss constructions have found homes in a wide selection of both public and private events and for a variety of tasks.

    We have also supplied trussing and stage deck systems to the Next and TopShop group, Harley Davidson, Jump Giants Trampoline Park, alongside the many private individuals and trade customers that have purchased everything from a singular stage deck right up to a large festival stage roof system.

    Large circular truss lighting rigs and stage platform systems for film sets, structural truss arches and walkways for exhibitions and shopping centre events, vehicle plinths and truss for showroom displays, truss based obstacle courses, and the supply of full professional sound and lighting packages means Stage Concepts can fulfill your project requirements no matter how large or small they may be.

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