Frequently Asked Questions


Are we a retailer or consultants?

We are both. Stage Concepts is a solution provider, so we offer consultation and design services, and have a selection of product suppliers and manufacturers from which we can bring to you a vast range of staging, truss systems and professional sound and light systems.

Are we manufacturers?

We have our own custom truss manufacturing facility based in Sussex which handles all of our bespoke system builds. Truss is manufactured using the finest T6 grade aluminium tubing and constructed with the most up to date welding techniques to ensure consistent high quality.

Why do we make our own Truss?

There are several reasons for choosing to manufacture truss over simply buying in standard mass produced truss, but the main reason would be that it allows us total control over any custom designs or commissions that require shapes or pieces that simply aren’t available as ‘off the shelf‘ products. Our truss also differs in its design from traditional truss and utilises the superior Penn designed fixing system for lower parts count and seamless joins.

Do you offer installation?

Our team here are office based, but we have a choice of certified installers available to us that we can arrange for you depending on location and job specifics. We have a variety of specialists that work on our behalf when required, and can cover mechanical and electrical installation and configuration of your equipment.

How long will a Stage Deck last?

Even with daily usage, there is no reason that any of the modern aluminium framed platforms that we recommend will ever need replacing through failure. Its virtually impossible of course to account for the wear and tear that a system may be subjected to as this is completely dependent on its being used correctly and cared for properly as the tool which it is. Even if the wooden top surface becomes damaged beyond use it can simply be replaced, ensuring years of trouble free performance.

How tough is Aluminium Truss?

Truss is cast and formed in long tubular sections, which is then cut to size and welded into any specific shapes such as joiners and corner sections, before being heat treated again. Unlike say the aluminium of  car bodywork, which is a simple thin sheet that’s pressed into shape (and easily dented out of shape), the casting process along with the inherent strength of a small diameter tubular structure means that trussing is able to withstand considerable abuse and can support many times its own weight.

The Aluminium used in professional grade truss is a silicon alloy, which gives it superior casting characteristics along with light weight and corrosion resistance. The type designated in all of our truss projects is EN AW-6082 T6, which is designed and manufactured in accordance with BS 7905-2-2000 – Lifting for performance, broadcast and similar applications and Part 2: Specification for design and manufacture of aluminium and steel trusses and towers.

Do we offer rental?

Whilst we don’t offer rental services ourselves, as with installation we have a selection of favoured and trusted companies or individuals whom we can call upon when required. Obviously this does not include any of our custom manufactured truss systems which are built to order only, but standard stage truss and lighting truss rigs are available, along with larger race gantry type truss bridge systems, stages, and a wide selection of audio visual equipment to cover the requirements of most events.

How long will my order take?

Standard products and items we have stocked will be next working day or 2-5 days if not in stock. This covers all of our staging equipment, decks, platforms, handrails, stair units, and our sound systems with only the larger Line Array speaker systems requiring a longer lead time as they come to you direct from the manufacturer. Standard truss items, straight lengths, corners and joiners are normally 2-3 working days, though next day can be arranged if absolutely necessary.

Custom orders from our manufacturer have a standard lead time of 4-6 weeks depending on what’s been ordered, its complexity, and any specialist finishing thats been selected for the system. All bespoke truss orders require a minimum 30% payment upfront to cover the initial aluminium costs and to ensure commitment to the project before any production work is undertaken. This also covers the time spent with you on advising, quotation and your designs CAD renderings which will be supplied and approved with you before any physical manufacturing takes place.

Do we offer finance on payments?

We can arrange finance for you via either the Pay 4 Later service or Paypal Finance on orders over £500 if needed, subject to your being accepted by the lenders.

For custom truss orders, it’s recommended that due to the larger costs involved and the requirement of the 30% upfront deposit that you source personal or business financing through a loan as this will often secure you more preferable rates and avoid any hold ups in the process.

Are our products safe?

All of our trussing, stage decks, lifting towers, and any other structural support based products are designed and produced to meet the highest safety and quality testing and certification in that product’s particular category. Strict Eurocode and TUV ratings for load bearing and stress ensure that all of the products we supply are of the very highest quality available.

Suitability of a products specification to your desired usage will be discussed with you during your quotation, making sure that any supplied equipment will far exceed any loading capabilities you require from it.

Can we visit you in person?

Of course. We realise that many people when ordering custom built equipment or high value equipment feel much more comfortable with a coffee and handshake rather than the more modern email and phonecall. We have a large custom truss display and multiple stage deck setup on view in our showroom, along with a selection of professional audio and lighting systems, so if you prefer to deal with us in person that’s fine as visitors are always welcome.

    Our Projects

    From the V&A museum and Saatchi Gallery, to Warner Brothers Studios and Crystal Palace FC, our truss systems and bespoke designed truss constructions have found homes in a wide selection of both public and private events and for a variety of tasks.

    We have also supplied trussing and stage deck systems to the Next and TopShop group, Harley Davidson, Jump Giants Trampoline Park, alongside the many private individuals and trade customers that have purchased everything from a singular stage deck right up to a large festival stage roof system.

    Large circular truss lighting rigs and stage platform systems for film sets, structural truss arches and walkways for exhibitions and shopping centre events, vehicle plinths and truss for showroom displays, truss based obstacle courses, and the supply of full professional sound and lighting packages means Stage Concepts can fulfill your project requirements no matter how large or small they may be.

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