Portable Staging

Stage Concepts classes its staging systems in several categories, with the larger products and platforms simply carrying a ‘standard stage’ moniker as they are aimed primarily at professional users, with truly portable systems coming under our ‘ultra lightweight’ classification.

The ability for transportation in a normal sized car is simply not possible on the larger heavier duty stage platforms as their 2m length and deep extruded frames makes it just impossible in all but the very largest of estate vehicles, so are not particularly a great solution for the mobile performer or group. The ultra lightweight systems address this and bring with them many other benefits.



Riser Systems

Still a relatively new design to the industry being just a few years since release, and born directly from the transportation issues of the larger systems, the ultra lightweight design of the riser stage systems has revolutionised the staging industry, creating itself an entirely new market sector. It’s completely unique engineering gives the large weight loading and stability associated with much heavier systems, whilst its ability to fold down for transport and storage makes it immediately the most appealing choice for many users.


Portable Performance

The riser design has been adopted into other bespoke product designs, with the tiered and curved standing systems for church choirs being extremely popular due to their fold away nature allowing the space to be left open for other uses during the week, which is highly desirable in shared spaces such as community centres and sports halls.


The uses are endless, and the capability of these lightweight systems is truly amazing with loading of 500kg per 1m deck, meaning 4 decks together can easily support the weight of a car, should you wish to use them for such display tasks.

System Features

The defining feature of these ultra light stage systems is design of the leg unit or ‘riser’. Separated from the detachable top surface, the risers utilise a clever expanding concertina type mechanism which will allow a 1m x 1m leg system to fold down to an end profile of just 102mm x 153mm , in whichever height is chosen, meaning it will fit neatly into a carry case or bag.


The stage tops are lightweight aluminium, with a 55mm profile height and the 1m x 1m dimensions allowing flat placement in larger car boots or upright stacking in a small car or hatchback.

Modular Stage

The riser legs and grooved tops are designed to butt up together with additional units using just a simple clamp fixing to stop movement. There is no limit to the number of these systems that can be joined together and a significant sized stage can be constructed quickly and with minimal hands.


These durable and versatile platforms have also found favour with shop floor dressers and window displays in clothes shops and other high street retailers. Their lightweight allows fast and easy scene changes and shop floor layout swaps by minimal staff and a dynamic display can be functioned from using varied heights of riser units. Depending on weight loading the risers can be topped with top surfaces of your choosing to give you the desired aesthetic, just bearing in mind that the systems safety and loading specifications only come into play if the factory top is used.



SC Projects and the team at Stage Concepts are on hand to give the best advice on your upcoming project requirements, product information and to guide you with any equipment purchases through our store or for custom orders. Our European manufactured staging is the finest quality available, ensuring both your satisfaction and ours.



    Our Projects

    From the V&A museum and Saatchi Gallery, to Warner Brothers Studios and Crystal Palace FC, our truss systems and bespoke designed truss constructions have found homes in a wide selection of both public and private events and for a variety of tasks.

    We have also supplied trussing and stage deck systems to the Next and TopShop group, Harley Davidson, Jump Giants Trampoline Park, alongside the many private individuals and trade customers that have purchased everything from a singular stage deck right up to a large festival stage roof system.

    Large circular truss lighting rigs and stage platform systems for film sets, structural truss arches and walkways for exhibitions and shopping centre events, vehicle plinths and truss for showroom displays, truss based obstacle courses, and the supply of full professional sound and lighting packages means Stage Concepts can fulfill your project requirements no matter how large or small they may be.

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